RLF International, LLC (a subsidiary of Propper International Sales Inc.) does not store credit card numbers in its system. The "Save to Wallet" feature on the checkout page does not store your information on our server. Rather, it stores it on an encrypted PCI-compliant third party processor for easy retrieval on future orders. Only you have access to retrieve that information.

All transactions are done through a secured socket layer (SSL) that communicates to our payment processor. All passwords stored on this website are encrypted using individual algorithms for each user.

All transactions are individually reviewed to avoid any possible fraudulent transactions and RLF International, LLC (a subsidiary of Propper International Sales Inc.) protects user information with additional security measures installed on our servers and networks.

To ensure that fraudulent transaction are stopped before being submitted, orders will only be processed if either the zip code or address matched during AVS verification. Furthermore, gift cards and cards originating from countries with ITAR restrictions are not accepted. A listing of these countries can be seen at the U.S. State Department website.